The next generation of world fusion – Bajo Cero – combines flamenco with the world’s electro-acoustic heritage with an urban ethno attitude. During the ten years of working together as a band the distinctive sound of Bajo Cero has developed into spanish-language world music with influences of electronic music, heavy but melodic sounds, not forgetting the catchy pop features. Bajo Cero’s gigs are energetic shows, enriched with flamenco dance but without genre boundaries. In the autumn of 2012 the band released their debut album “Óyela”.


Bajo Cero is:
Anna Murtola, vocals
Okko Meinilä, guitar, backing vocals
Antti Rundelin, violin, bass
Juhani Katajamäki bass, soundscape, turntable
Kili Kauppi, percussions
Elina Lehtola, dance, backing vocals