The Song Navigator: Refugiados

I have always said that any good piece of music has good drums and a good bass line. You can take a way almost anything else without the song suffering much, but you can’t take away the bass or the drums.

When I was living in the UK I got fond of electronic music. I especially liked ever up-lifting “Happy hardcore” and on the other hand psychedelic “Trance”. However, neither of them got me hooked completely. I found the answer in a hazy basement nightclub. A dark and a little weird looking crowd with their heads covered in beanies, loose army style trousers and swaying purposefully randomly to a breakbeat. And a very fast one at that, 160-180 beats per minute. I didn’t fit into the crowd but the music impressed me.

Through the smoke you could barely see the outlines of a stage surrounded by a massive PA. I didn’t know it then but the main element of the PA system was the sub woofer that boosted out the low frequency, stomach turning electronic bass. The bass and the break beat made, as they quite adequately put it, drum ‘n bass.

The evolution of music has since progressed. Even the mainstream radio has started to play something with just a break beat and a bass line –Dubstep. The main difference to D ‘n B being that the beat is slower and the bass is now not just something you feel in your gut but a more melodic element.

As musicians often do, we often discuss musical issues within the band. At some point we noticed that it is not only myself who is fond of low frequencies and simplicity. Therefore, we decided to put drum ‘n bass and dubstep through the world fusion mill that is Bajo Cero.

Thus Refugiados was born.