Bajo Cero @ Lost in Music Festival

Lost in Music is an annual city festival held in downtown Tampere, southern Finland. There over 100 artists perform to approximately 15 000 viewers in the best clubs and venues of Tampere. Lost in Music is a unique live event, serving a broader selection of current music than any other festival in Finland. This is the place to check out the hottest artists of today and tomorrow!

Bajo Cero is performing at Lost in Music Festival
Fri 16th Oct at 19:00 Bar Passion
Ticket info:

Bajo Cero to perform in Italy

Bajo Cero heads out for a small tour in Italy in August 2014. Gigs will be played at least at Fonclea Riverside in Rome and in the village of Brienza, at Gezziamoci Jazz Festival di Basilicata. Check out the performance times and dates here.

Bajo Cero to perform on World Village Festival 2014

Maailma Kylässä / World Village 2014 Festival has announced their programme for this year. World Village is one of the biggest festivals in Finland, free for people of all ages and kinds, located in the heart of Helsinki. It was recently awarded as Festival of the Year 2014 by Finland Festivals.

We can now proudly tell you Bajo Cero will be performing there, on Monsuuni Stage, Sunday 25.5.2014.

We’ve got the fire burning!

This Autumn has been a different kind of Autumn in many ways. The Bajo Cero crew left in Oulu has been kind of re-organizing itself after Okko moved down to the Big City (a.k.a Helsinki) and we’ve been having a pause in doing gigs too. Sometimes it’s good to slow down and stop for a while. Like our song Hierro suggests:

Everyone’s been up to something on their own (for example someone has been continuing his renovation project, which has turned into something almost philosophical, another has re-discovered his love for basketball, one has gotten engaged without the other band members even hearing about it… etc) I myself have been travelling around because of my work so much during the Autumn that it feels almost like I’m on a trip all the time.

Now we are finally travelling all together – the whole Bajo Cero! Last night we gathered the Oulu crew and had a band practice for the upcoming mini tour this weekend. We sure got the fire burning again!


So now it’s good to continue on together, towards the urban rhythms and electro-acoustic experiments of Autumn. And above all, towards dear friends.

Bajo Cero’s Rewind Mini Tour in Helsinki and Hämeenlinna 31.10.-2.11.2013.

– Anna

Rewind mini tour in Southern Finland

Bajo Cero is finally free from the Summer heat and is on their way back to their own element – towards the urban rhythms and electro-acoustic experiments of Autumn.

Bajo Cero’s mini tour offers souvenirs from all over the world along with intensive world fusion attitude.

Check out tour dates and places from the gig site.

The Song Navigator (you have now reached your final destination): Camino – The Path

This song is about those kinds of moments when you feel you have lost everything.

You’re in the middle of a void but instead of despairing you feel strangely peaceful and free. It’s fittingly the last track on our debut album, Óyela, and I feel that it is the most zen and the deepest of all the songs on the record.

The original song was originally sung in English by me and it was composed for a singer-songwriter project that had little to do with Bajo Cero. It is a unique song on the record also in a way that the original lyrics before the Spanish translation were also written by me. The song was abandoned and unused at the time and we decided to give it a try as a Bajo Cero song and it worked out great.

Camino was strongly influenced by the situations I was going through in my life at the time of writing it about ten years ago. At the time, I found myself feeling seriously burned out. I had been thrown in a dark new situation where I was struggling in a mental survival mode. All the usual suspects; love, apartment, money, school, work and ego had gone into self-destruct at the same exact moment.

It was obvious that this phase wasn’t going to go away for some time but deep down I somehow knew that where there’s a mystery, there’s also an understanding if you dare to stare at it in the eye with honesty. That was the faint star blinking in the horizon.

When I eventually found my way back home, I felt it was difficult to look at things the same way. Most of the stuff that seemed significant before, felt strangely trivial; Pain is often just a story we want to take part in, and sometimes you see through it. That’s the theme of the song.

When we recorded the song in 2011, we felt it has to be innocent, honest and otherwordly. That way it is much more in the vein of indie music ethos than the world/electro/heavy/pop-feel of the other songs on the record. I think it’s a fresh new feeling that navigates the record nicely to it’s starry-eyed destination.



[[ The Song Navigator has now reached the final destination. Read, see and hear the previous entries here: 01 Caras Escondidas 02 Espejo 03 Mi Esquina 04 Hierro 05 Paseando 06 Retransmisión 07 Óyela 08 Eco 09 A Volar 10 Refugiados ]]

Music video Óyela nominated in the Finnish Music Video Contest

Bajo Cero’s music video Óyela has been chosen to compete in the Oulu Music Video Festival’s Finnish Music Video Contest. The competition recieved a total of 386 videos, from which 131 videota were nominated in the official competition.

The video Óyela is directed by Bajo Cero’s guitarist Okko Meinilä, featuring the drawings of comics artist Ville Ranta.

All of the 386 videos sent to the competition are shown on a silver screen at the Oulu Music Video Festival during 21.-25.8.2013. The best videos will be awarded at the Pumpeligaala awards gala. All of the videos can also be voted for as the Audience’s Choise from the 1st of August.

Read more about the festival here.

The Song Navigator: Refugiados

I have always said that any good piece of music has good drums and a good bass line. You can take a way almost anything else without the song suffering much, but you can’t take away the bass or the drums.

When I was living in the UK I got fond of electronic music. I especially liked ever up-lifting “Happy hardcore” and on the other hand psychedelic “Trance”. However, neither of them got me hooked completely. I found the answer in a hazy basement nightclub. A dark and a little weird looking crowd with their heads covered in beanies, loose army style trousers and swaying purposefully randomly to a breakbeat. And a very fast one at that, 160-180 beats per minute. I didn’t fit into the crowd but the music impressed me.

Through the smoke you could barely see the outlines of a stage surrounded by a massive PA. I didn’t know it then but the main element of the PA system was the sub woofer that boosted out the low frequency, stomach turning electronic bass. The bass and the break beat made, as they quite adequately put it, drum ‘n bass.

The evolution of music has since progressed. Even the mainstream radio has started to play something with just a break beat and a bass line –Dubstep. The main difference to D ‘n B being that the beat is slower and the bass is now not just something you feel in your gut but a more melodic element.

As musicians often do, we often discuss musical issues within the band. At some point we noticed that it is not only myself who is fond of low frequencies and simplicity. Therefore, we decided to put drum ‘n bass and dubstep through the world fusion mill that is Bajo Cero.

Thus Refugiados was born.


Summer gigs in Oulu

Bajo Cero plays two summer gigs in their home town Oulu in June.

The first gig is at Nuclear Nightclub on  wednesday the 26th of June. Nuclear Nightclub was recently woted as the best gig place in town (according to the readers of City-lehti newspaper).

The second gig will be at the brand new Juurihoito Festival at the Oulu market square on friday the 28th. The event is a part of the Oulu Days city festival.