The Song Navigator (you have now reached your final destination): Camino – The Path

This song is about those kinds of moments when you feel you have lost everything.

You’re in the middle of a void but instead of despairing you feel strangely peaceful and free. It’s fittingly the last track on our debut album, Óyela, and I feel that it is the most zen and the deepest of all the songs on the record.

The original song was originally sung in English by me and it was composed for a singer-songwriter project that had little to do with Bajo Cero. It is a unique song on the record also in a way that the original lyrics before the Spanish translation were also written by me. The song was abandoned and unused at the time and we decided to give it a try as a Bajo Cero song and it worked out great.

Camino was strongly influenced by the situations I was going through in my life at the time of writing it about ten years ago. At the time, I found myself feeling seriously burned out. I had been thrown in a dark new situation where I was struggling in a mental survival mode. All the usual suspects; love, apartment, money, school, work and ego had gone into self-destruct at the same exact moment.

It was obvious that this phase wasn’t going to go away for some time but deep down I somehow knew that where there’s a mystery, there’s also an understanding if you dare to stare at it in the eye with honesty. That was the faint star blinking in the horizon.

When I eventually found my way back home, I felt it was difficult to look at things the same way. Most of the stuff that seemed significant before, felt strangely trivial; Pain is often just a story we want to take part in, and sometimes you see through it. That’s the theme of the song.

When we recorded the song in 2011, we felt it has to be innocent, honest and otherwordly. That way it is much more in the vein of indie music ethos than the world/electro/heavy/pop-feel of the other songs on the record. I think it’s a fresh new feeling that navigates the record nicely to it’s starry-eyed destination.



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