Every week in Top ten

It’s finally here! And on top of every list! Our new album Óyela.

With lists we don’t by any means mean playlists, selling lists, the lists of the most downloaded or any other lists that mark the true greatness of a band. No, we mean those lists with the title TTD. At least for the time being. It is now two years form that day when we started writing the songs for the album. We promised to publish one song every two weeks and managed to give birth to a total of 11 songs in 16 weeks. A year of recording, mixing and mastering has now been spent. The whole band is in gratitude to our master-mind Okko who has done almost everything you can hear – and see – on the record. Even most of the composing.

In the next stage the record should be spreading madly out to the stores and to people, to the critics, to clubs and to the people who book bands on gigs. And this work – like the Bajo Cero DIY philosophy says – will be done mostly by ourselves. That is why – even though when asked how we feel about the record coming out we should say ” Wooh yeeaah greeeeat mahtava!” – we will not forget the fact that this is just the starting point for our work. Long lists of tasks await us before we can get off the TTD-lists and on to the most-played-lists.

But while we’re working on it, dear friends please remember that the record Óyela by Bajo Cero is now in stores all over Finland and will be available as a digital release soon for our international fans. Wooh yeeaah greeeeat mahtavaa!

Bajo Cero: Óyela – 19.10.2012

Bajo Cero releases their debut album “Óyela” 19th of october. The album consists of 11 new songs and combines flamenco with the world’s electro-acoustic heritage with an urban ethno attitude. The record will be in stores in Finland and will also be published digitally internationally later in the autumn.