¡Gettin’ da Gig!

Besides music, everyone in Bajo Cero has a special role in our D-I-Y  band. We are doing it ourselves so maybe I should call it D-I-O band instead (no pun intended R.I.P. Ronnie James).  Anyway, D-I-Y means that we have to do everything that is involved in making music and getting it out there. My responsibility is to get gigs to our band. When a band is big enough, they are invited to all of their gigs; the bands responsibility is to pick the suitable according to their schedule. We are in a situation where we get invitations too, but most of the time we have to do the selling work for the gigs to appear into our schedule.

This gig selling does not differ from the work of a telephone salesman: you call, represent your stuff, get an answer. Often before the telephone salesman phase, you have entered into e-mail lottery, i.e. sent the stuff via e-mail to various promoters who receive thousand similar kind of offers. It is difficult to stand out. However, one thing is true to all selling, whether it is a vacuum cleaner or one-hour-musical extravaganza:  the content has to be right! It has to be good stuff that you are selling.

Last year was so far the greatest for Bajo Cero gigwise. This year’s bookings are on the way, if everything turns out right, the upcoming summer is full of very special events! Stay tuned for our gig roster to be completed and announced!


Fan lotto

I’s been quite an active spring at the Bajo Cero Facebook-site. We’re happy to have noticed that there are almost a thousand likers, in fact all together there are 914 people, touched by our world fusion at the moment. And since none of us band members have so many moms and dads or spouses, it seems there has to be at least one or two real fans amongst these likers. Yippee!

As an Easter surpise Bajo Cero now declares the search for it’s 1000th fan open. Bacome a fan (or suggest it to your frends if you happen to be one) and win our upcoming debut album! The winner will be declared when we have reached the magical number of 1000!