Reindeers and rainbows

About a year ago our usually loud orchestra went pretty speechless, as a huge crowd of Finns voted for the party that in foreign magazines gets translated as ”the True Finns”. For sure a big part of the voters just wanted some changes to many real problems, but for many others their choice looked like growing intolerance or even allowance of racism in the public debate. For us damn hippies that support softer values, that triumph of hard values or a closed Finland came as a total surprise. For that I blame Facebook.

When you get to choose your friends and acquaintances, the mass of people whose opinions you see and hear from day to day, it’s easy to keep the illusion that the whole world thinks just the way you do. This issue has been recently approached quite critically by internet activist Eli Pariser in her book Filter Bubble.

Luckily it still seems that quite a bunch of people think pretty much the same way we do. At this moment we have the second round of the presidential election in Finland, and tolerance, humanity and human rights appear to be possibly the biggest themes. After the so called True Finn spring, who would’ve thought that on the second round of these elections the other candidate would be an openly gay man with modern green values.

Many of our friends have surprised us by not just commenting or spamming on Facebook, but by actually taking actions. In our cold distant hometown people organized a support concert for the candidate Haavisto, as he is known to have not quite as much money for campaigning as his competitor that is supported by Big Money. Many brilliant local musicians offered their help in the best way they could, by playing music and having a good time.

That same bright and shiny but terribly cold winter day Bajo Cero was (although we were with those musicians in spirit) in a pretty different kind of a place, crossing borders in our own way. Check the brand new video blog to find out!