Thank you, 45 Special (I survived!)

Last time we had a gig things just didn´t quite work out for me. First of all, my flight was late and I had a little bit stress for that. I couldn’t make it to the sound check and couldn´t check up properly the stage and my monitor. That´s why I felt a little bit insecure as I entered the stage.

The gig started and on a very first minute my wide dance scarf got stuck in a guitar. I tried to stay calm and free my scarf from Okko´s guitar. I made it, but after that, during the second piece of dance my heel went through the floor and I lost my balance and almost fell down. And so the rest of the gig I had to watch out not to step into the hole. Anyway, I didn´t  have enough space to dance and I was hitting everything around me when dancing (Heikki´s cymbals, a  handrail in front of stage, a  microphone stand etc.)

When we had a break between two songs, I moved from the dance floor to play the glockenspiel. I was really thirsty but I didn´t see my own water bottle and I took a huge swallow from Kili´s drink. What I didn´t know was that Kili´s drink was something much stronger than water and I almost threw up. After that I started playing the song, but I didn´t hear anything from my ear monitor. I was so confused that I wasn´t sure which tunes I had to play.

After all, people liked the gig and maybe didn´t notice what was happening with me on the stage. When you are an artist you just have to stay cool on a stage and try not to show your mistakes. After all, the continuous chaos in my head was the worst thing on that gig. Still I survived and when the final bulerias started, I was really happy and relieved!