Lovely Madrid

In June I spent two weeks in Madrid. I went to study dancing in a famous flamenco school “Amor de Dios”, which is really the Mecca of flamenco. There are many dancing halls and a lot of options to choose your classes. I studied with three different teachers: Olga Pericet, a really talented young dancer, Alfonso Losa, The master of Bulerias and La Truco who teaches using your torso very well.

In june-july there´s also an interesting flamenco festival in Madrid “Suma Flamenca”, so I went to see many concerts. Especially I liked the piece “Bailes alegres para personas tristes” performed by dancers Belen Maya and Olga Pericet. Olga Pericet was amazing, movements were so suave and taping was musical too. I also went to see a Flamenco band “Flamenco Jazz Project“ – they also had a great gig. The young male singer was a pleasure to listen, it’s a pity I don´t remember his name.

I also had really interesting neighbours in Madrid. I lived next to Puerta de Sol, where quite a few people lived in their tents as well. Every night they had some party going on there and a lot of speech. They had also some art performances. I went to walk there and saw some very exceptional habitations. We shouldn’t forget there are a lot of economical problems in Spain, and young people are those who suffer from the consequences, for example unemployment. This was their protest.

Again I left a little piece of my heart to Madrid and I’m looking forward to getting back there.


Viva Helsinki!

Now this happens quite not so often. After our huge problems with travel to get to play our Helsinki Club Liberte gig, we eventually manage to get our 9 person+gear Bajo Cero WorldFusion caravan to Helsinki to play one of our best gigs ever (see previous blog)! I guess we were so pumped up after the gig so we decided to head downtown Helsinki to celebrate the day that surely will remain in our memories as one of the best survival stories in Bajo Cero’s history which really is a manifestation of what we are all about: FRIENDSHIP of its deepest kind, Love/Fight/Love and then some more Love. This band spirit we share in our gigs is what we thrive for.

We ended up spending the night in LeBonk’s roof terrace which was the best choice for our situation. Of course as always the night ended before it has started, although the bouncers may think otherwise because they just wanna go home like any normal non-drunk person would. However, we have a tendency that every time we have our golden voice Anna and two-finger picado shredder Okko with his guitar, something magical happens somewhere in a form of Jatkot or “After Party”. This time it was the park “Ruttopuisto” in Helsinki that was forced to share the magic. Okko started to play, Anna sang, Elina danced, and the rest of us did palmas which resembles mosquito killing here in the north (at least in the toxicated state my hand clapping really kills more than produces rhythm).

So we played more traditional flamenco, and even my alter-ego, a famous Spanish pure flamenco singer Las Mujeres Sexualidades raised its head… with not much success, but he is very picky, and because Anna was singing so beautifully LMS decided to wait for his golden moment sometime in the future. Or maybe because his voice resembles the voice of the first Finnish real flamenco puro singer Riki Sorsa, and it was not “Kiikki-Kii”:D

Anyway, if you have had the patience to read so far this very blurry memory of the amazing night, keep on reading. We managed to raise some attention. We came across one man who had dressed himself as Ali Baba. He listened for a while and then invited us to join his gay friends, actually about 15 of them of which many we had seen in TV. So this Fab15 suddenly decided that they want to make me a Cat-Man, so they did the hair, put on make-up and then I was a cat.

But here is the killing line: I received an email from a bystander in Ruttopuisto that basically said “I heard you sing and play in Ruttopuisto….I was impressed! Do you want to come for a gig….what is your price?”

Well now I was impressed. If we can get gigs even when we are on our after hours, toxicated, having just fun with our roots in flamenco music, and we still impress people in a park as we did in Liberte but completely sober there of course, I think we have a really good thing going on!

People hear music but they recognize love because it is in themselves too!

Myself, I’m honored to have Anna, Okko, Kili, Juhani, Elina and Heikki as my friends and our soundman Mikko and lightman Antti also! Thanks for that amazing trip. I love my bandmates! MEOW!


P.S. Ironically enough, the person who asked us for a gig was the owner of “Rakkauden Kioski” or “The Love Kiosk” so Bajo Cero maybe will share LoVe there next time in Helsinki!