On the road

Red light usually signals something bad. This time it wasn’t a traffic light. It was Antti’s brand new family car and the indicator for engine overheating. Of course it had to be me behind the wheel. I pulled over to the roadside, switched off the engine and started to admire the steam geysir rising from under the hood. There was a hint of panic as some people thought that the car might explode. Luckily that didn’t happen and we all ended up standing on the road side trying to figure out how to get to Helsinki on time.

We had left Oulu for a mini tour: Oulu-Kuopio-helsinki-Oulu. Prior to the engine failure we had played a gig in the legendary Puikkari in Kuopio. Everything went smoothly and we were particularly happy about the brand new set of prop screens and T-shirts with the same very cool visual theme, that really put a nice finishing touch to the visual appearence of the band. The extra trouble of carrying them around Finland didn’t matter after realising how big of a difference they made.

The evening among the tradescent Savo scenery got even better as there was a special after party arranged for us by Elina’s parents. They own this lake side cottage that is just beautiful. They had heated up the sauna for us and even if it was 3am, it didn’t matter. We swam in the lake and tried to imitate the preview-guy with our cigarette-beer-wine-icecoldlake-worn down voices. Without much success might I add. This went on until we all experienced a sudden twist around our inner organs. The first subharmonized bass frequencies couldn’t even be heard. It was almost like we could have seen the green preview screen with the age limitations in front of us as our new drummer Heikki begun: ”One man, one desire… This summer, he will only have one option…” We laughed our arses off for ages. Hopefully he doesn’t get big headed now and change drumming into recording movie trailer voice overs.

When we eventually got to Helsinki, Liberte was filled with an amazing atmosphere once again. We felt like we played one of our best shows so far. Or maybe the best gig was the more spontaneous one held after the colsing time of Helsinki night life in Ruttopuisto. I’ll never know as I was on my way to my friends place at that time. I’ve heard that people stopped to listen and that it was truly good times.

Bottom line is that cars may break and it may cost a few hundred euros to move a few people around southern Finland with taxis and trains, but it’s the endless thrive to sing and play your heart out that truly takes this band from A to B. Hopefully that can be heard, clapped, danced and experienced also by the audience in the coming gigs!

”This summer… One band, one mission…”


What’s new?

There’s no denying it. Like Kili announced it in his previous post: it’s SUMMERTIME!

This friday we’ll start our engines and head off to eastern and southern Finland for some hot club gigs. First up it’s the capital of the famous eastern-finnish delicacy “fish cock” (and the birthplace of my beloved mum) Kuopio. The next night we’ll play at our favourite place at the “Rock” of Helsinki, at Kallio’s Liberté. Before the gigs, it’s time to reveal some novelties that we will bring with us to the summer gigs.

Number one: Bajo Cero wear
Some of our friends and fans have asked a long time ago, when they can get a Bajo Cero T-shirt. The answer is on 17.6. at Kuopio you can! We’ve made our own Bajo Cero T-shirt with two different print options in co-operation with our friend Joni and his T-shirt and prints shop “Oulun Paitapaino”. We’ll be selling the shirts on gigs for starts. Now you can wear Bajo Cero, where ever you go!

Number two: Lights, sounds, action!
We’re so lucky to have found two important additions to our ever growing show. You won’t see them playing an instrument or dancing up on the stage with us, but our own sound-guy Mikko and our own light-guy Antti will certainly bring their own twist on our new, improved show. Let’s give ’em a warm welcome 🙂

Number three: Pimp my outfit
At the upcoming gigs, us girls are presenting our new, fabulous outfits, designed just for us. The designs of both our dresses and bajocero-style accessories are by the talented and lovely Maria and her maryajidesign. Personally I’m very interested to find out how tough it will be singing, wearing a girdle 😉

What else is new with Bajo Cero? Well, you’ll just have to come and find out yourself! See you soon!


Thank you, people

It was hot on our
Never Grow Old gig.

That was the best way
to start our summer.

Hope you all enjoyed,
I can tell you we did.
Even though it may be
possible i looked like I was
crying when all the sweat
on my face started flowing
into my eyes.

Friday we’ll head for Kuopio,
saturday we play in Helsinki.

Hopefully those places are
going to be as crowded
with people in a festive mood,
as it was crowded last thursday.

See you all there.


Bajo Cero summer 2011

Pori Jazz, Qstock, here we come! Our gigs for this summer start to look like a nice list of the best events in the Finnish summer. So here’s a map I created to make it easier to follow where we’re playing.

Never Grow Old (9.6.)
We start the summer from our living room in our home town, the Never Grow Old bar. It is, for us, a very nice spot to start this summer, as the bar has been loaded with a lovely crowd each time we’ve played there. Never Grow old is a unique bar with colorful regulars and a wide reputation in the whole country.

Puikkari Kuopio (17.6.)
Every time we’ve played in Kuopio it has been really warm (not only weatherwise) and we have thought it could actually be a nice city to live in. This beautiful city goes mad each year with Kuopio Tanssii ja Soi, the biggest and oldest dance festival in Scandinavia. The festival brings together acts of a very wide scale and there is a lot of action linked to it around the city. For example Bajo Cero.

Club Liberté (18.6.)
Our base in Helsinki, Club Liberté, is the centre of alternative music in Helsinki, in the rough but lovely area Kallio. Great bar, great bands, great audience.

Haapavesi Folk Music Festival (1.7.)
Haapavesi is a town of about 7000 people, but their music festival has more than 10 000 visitors each year. It has a reputation of a very warm festival as a lot of it is built on voluntary work and the good will of local people. Artists and festival visitors are all parts of a big organism enjoying music in the never darkening northern summer night.

Pori Jazz (17.7)
Pori Jazz is, according to ticket sales, the biggest festival in Finland, and one of the biggest jazz festivals in Europe. First time held in 1966, the festival has seen such artists as B. B. King, Bob Dylan, Björk, James Brown, Massive Attack, Erykah Bady, Tori Amos and Miles Davis. Bajo Cero is proud to play on the Apollo Stage this year.

Tampere XVI Flamenco Festival (20.7.)
The biggest flamenco festival in Nordic countries. This is where we’ll go back to visit our roots in flamenco music. We’ll play in the great stage of Ylioppilastalo (The Student House), and funnily this’ll be the first time in the band’s history that we, as a group, are attending the flamenco festival of Finland.

Qstock (29.7.)
The Big Bang each summer in our hometown. More than 20 000 festival visitors each year, the city goes upside down always at the end of July. If you live here, that weekend you cannot live without noticing that something’s going on in Kuusisaari. Bajo Cero will be Friday night’s main act on the Rockpolis Stage. I will miss the gig of my personal favorite for more than ten years, CMX, as they play on another stage partly at the same time, but I can’t say I’d be too sad about it this time.

EloJazz (4.8.)
Jazz & Blues in Oulu. August, nights are still warm but they’re getting darker and darker. You need to seize the moment as you start to realize that autumn is not that far away anymore.

Tanssia Tyrkyllä / Dance Abundance (16.9.)
The big dance festival brings international artists to Oulu that has a good reputation of schooling many of the best dancers in country. A lot is happening in town then as clubs also present various artists somehow linked to the world of dance. This year we’ll be one of the acts.

See you there, somewhere in Finland.
This is going to be a summer to remember.