Melancholy feelings

The autumn is here, you can´t hide from it. Cold, wet and dark, everybody goes again to live in their own caves. It´s always so hard to get used to this darkness. Some people in these Northen areas get seasonal affective disorder, because of this darkness. Luckily we have some machines which can help with this lack of light. In the morning you can go to work and sit under bright light. I have tried, but I´m not sure it helps with this melancholy feeling.

Melancholy feeling is not only a bad thing, it has given inspiration for many artists. Today I read in the newspaper that maybe with many other diagnosis Vincent Van Gogh had also a seasonal affective disorder. With different kinds of feelings you can create something and also feel things more strongly. Maybe during this period of darkness some movie, song or any piece of art can affect you more than it normally would. Sadness can actually be very beautiful. From this darkness you just have to survive again, with sadness or not.

Maybe today it was my toothache that brought the polar night to me.


Language politics

One day last springPeople always ask me why I write in Spanish. Why not in Finnish or English? Of course you might find it easier to relate to a bunch of words that you actually can make something out of… But for me Spanish is just a natural language to sing with. That, I guess, has a lot – or everything –  to do with my background in flamenco singing.

Of course it sets some challenges to writing. You have a certain, limited vocabulary in your use and grammatically you just might want to stick to the basics. Luckily I don’t enslave myself to only-spanish metaphors and figures of speech. I like to think that if you write poetry/lyrics, you’re free to use a language as you wish, who’s to say your imagination and the images you want to paint with words are wrong? But as our listeners (at least at this point) seem to be more non-spanish speakers, it’s easier to say, and get away 😀

For those of you who wonder what we sing about, we intend to have the lyrics of all the songs published on our website at some point. Maybe even with English translations 😉


Here, there, everywhere

We’ve been documenting our journey on our blog. However, there’s more material also on our facebook profile. All the new photos and smaller, frequently updated news can be found there. If you want to keep up with our every other week published songs
or our music video project, check it out.

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Bajo Cero media empire

Fighting the evil empire. We returned from a domestic trip to the far away capital of Finland, a nice village called Helsinki, just 650 kilometers south from our hometown. When you do these one-gig-wonder-trips it’s usually about a day of travel (sitting in the car or train), an hour of playing music, and another day of travel. A bit of pain in the ass, literally, but has always been worth it. (And now I would like to thank all the people that attended the gig, thank you, we loved each one of you).

But it’s about the time to get to the point. During those long hours, with your whole body pumping adrenaline to your brain while waiting for the gig to take place, and those long journeys returning from the gig and trying to recover from the adrenaline rush… you get strange ideas.

We have told you about the two music videos that are under construction. And you probably have also heard that, starting this august, we have published a new song on our website every two weeks and will continue doing so, until Christmas. And as you are reading this you might also be aware of the fact that we have a weekly blog so that we can express our thoughts in a literal way.

But of course some people just have to go a bit further.

The next step is very obvious: Comics! Somebody in our car made this strange joke of making Bajo Cero super hero (slash anti hero) comics, and as I have a hidden fetish of comic books, I immediately said I’d do it. Now I’ll just have to find out how.

So it looks like pretty soon we’ll have a little do-it-yourself media empire here. Bajo Cero Porn you might not be getting very soon, but most of the other areas of media we might be trying happily in our DIY-way before you even notice! Stay tuned…


What is this shit? (the songs we’re singin’)

I went to see a documentary, just to learn that you can’t really do flamenco if you know how to read or write. Crap! That’s it then. But it was a good film though.

I have heard it already before, from various directions, how you can’t do flamenco if you this or if you that. You can’t play flamenco if you live in Malaga and not in Cadiz. And the academic view on flamenco is the worst.  You can’t play flamenco if your shirt is blue (OK, that one I made up, just because in the end it makes as much sense as most of the arguments).

Don’t get me wrong. I do appreciate the principles of traditional flamenco. I just do not agree with all those who decide which ones are the basic principles. The flamenco authorities. Flamenco administrators!

That’s not the biggest problem in doing flamenco, living this far in the Northern periphery. But let’s leave that for some other time. We’re trapped here in the middle of nowhere doing stuff that probably doesn’t belong here, and we’re freezing, but that’s another story.

You can put you flamenco in a nice glass jar and hide it in your basement to preserve it. If Camarón had been like that he’d still be talking about what’s right in flamenco, trying to open his first bottle of sherry and wondering with his friend Paco whether they should maybe one day try and record something.

I think it’s more about living the music. Maybe not living in the Camarón way, but still. For some reason we are living it up here. In our own way. There’s no point in it, but it feels meaningful. Because at least we do it with passion. And it’s music, not a museum.